Moskvitch (sometimes also mentioned as Moskvich or Moskwitch) is an automobile brand from Russia.

After Word War II Soviet brought with them the whole manufacturing line for Opel Kadett from Rüsselheim in Germany, loaded onto 56 railway wagons. Even toilets for the workers came along. A plant called MZMA (МЗМА) which means "Midge Car Works of Moscow" started on April 1947 to produce a car called Moskvitch 400 based on the Opel-Kadett K38. Moskvitch means "A man from Moscow". The plant later changed the name to AZLK (АЗЛК) which means "The Lenin Komsomol Auto Works".

The 400 and 401 are similar cars with slight variations in engine sizes and body design.

Restoration of Moskvitch 400-420, year 1947
Реставрация автомобиля Москвич 400-420
Год выпуска 1947
Номер шасси 408
Номер кузова 419

Original SEKURIT windscreen.
Лобовое стекло SEKURIT

Body side moldings

Removing nickel plating. Reverse electrolyte process.
Электролит для снятия никелевых покрытий

Hand brake.
Рычаг ручного тормоза

Moskvitch 400 vintage tire
Колесо и шина Москвич 400
Московский шинный завод

нагрузка макс 280 кг
давление макс 2,1 атм

450-16 модель М-16
4 сл. ГОСТ 4754-49

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